Sunday School


Welcome to the Trinity Episcopal Sunday School at Boothwyn.  We feel privileged to have the opportunity to serve our community and families.  We are guided by our mission bible verse, “Joining with families on the journey to tell the next generation the works of the Lord that they may trust Him and pass it on,   Psalm 78: 1-6.    We want to point our children to the kingdom of God and help them know the King: Jesus Christ.  Everything we do is designed to glorify God by teaching children to know and worship Jesus on their level. That is meaningful to them.  The children have been divided into three age groups: 3-5; 6-9 and 10-12 year olds. We have enjoyed teaching from the first book of the Bible, Genesis and seeing how God’s story unfolds from creation has been an adventurous journey.  During the Easter and Advent seasons we have tackled both seasons from the New Testament stories.  We offer an environment where children have an opportunity to begin life-long relationship with Jesus and learn what it means to live out their faith every day.  We do this especially by emphasizing the teaching, studying and memorizing of God’s word.  We want to demonstrate Jesus’ love for children and lay a foundation for a lifetime of spiritual growth.


Trinity Episcopal Church has been able to organize seven VBS (Vacation Bible Schools) which the children have enjoyed tremendously.  This is usually the highlight of Summer! 


As Sunday School coordinators and teachers, we believe the most important influence in a child’s life is the parent and also it is our role to come alongside the parent during that one hour each Sunday, to support them as they raise their children in today’s world. We look forward to seeing more participation in the Children’s ministry as we continue to place great value on each and every child that comes through our doors.