Fr. Paul Gitimu

Welcome Message



-->Featured in 2018 Caminos Spring/Summer Edition<--

God has blessed our parish family with great diversity, and so we believe we have been called by God to be a deliberately multicultural church, whose vision is to develop into a dynamic fellowship of Christians who know; love and serve Jesus Christ. We deeply care for each other by supporting and fulfilling the spiritual needs of all members. We are more than multiracial — and we look forward to adding the rest of the world to our family!

You will hear many accents here. We love our differences, and we love learning each other’s stories. When you get to know our parish family, you will find that we grew up Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Pentecostal, Episcopalian (and other worldwide churches of the Anglican Communion), and some of us used to call our religion “None.” At Trinity we strive to equip members become responsible and productive stewards of their lives and ministries in order to magnify the Lord. Some of us have a strong, simple and clear faith, and some of us have come the hard way to a progressive understanding – and we love that difference in our parish family, too. We all hunger for the Spirit to move in our lives and experience God. We have learned that the days of our lives can be more joyful, and our burdens are carried more easily when we worship together on a Sunday – and we work together as a family to make our worship ever more spiritually powerful. Our 11:00AM family worship service has many kinds of music and contemporary language, but with timeless spiritual depth. Our service is growing and we strive to develop programs to foster a faithful Christian stewardship. When Jesus said “Follow me,” he meant that we should welcome strangers, feed the poor, and heal broken souls in the here-and-now – not just in the hereafter! Both locally and globally, our parish exists to provide Christian fellowship for all its members and the community through Christian values. If you are looking for a church full of people just like you, you will probably want to look further, and we wish you all the best. But if you want to engage the world and grow in the Spirit with a bunch of very interesting people – if you want your children to grow in Christian love with friends from many lands and cultures – you may have just found a parish home, which is a place for the people on the grow.


- Fr. Paul Gitimu